Resident Information - Village of Williamsburg, NM

Resident Information

WEEDS & TRASH - Help keep our Village looking good. Please remember, we have an Ordinance about keeping weeds down and keeping your property cleaned up. You are responsible to keep free of weeds from the curb in front of your property to the middle of the alley. If you have extra trash to pick up, call Truth or Consequences Solid Waste Department at 575-894-6939.

PET LICENSE - ALL DOGS & CATS MUST HAVE A LICENSE FOR WILLIAMSBURG !!!! You must have proof of the rabies shots in order to get a pet license. Pet licenses are $ 6.00 per year for pets not neutered or spayed and $ 3.00 for neutered or spayed pets. It is against our Ordinance for dogs to run out of your yard. Please make sure all pets are kept within your yard.